Beard.Worx Beard Oil #Mountain Man Travel Size 10ml


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High quality beard oil which will soften your skin and prevent itchiness, soothe and protect your skin and beard, condition and encourage beard growth all the while acting as an anti-bacterial and inflammatory. Greatfor shaving too & has a fresh, earthy, slightly sweet citrus, warm and woody aroma.


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This particular combination of non-greasy carrier and essential oils will heal and moisturise your skin, prevent itchiness, condition and encourage beard growth all the while acting as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and decongestant. The product has a fresh, earthy, slightly sweet citrus, warm and woody aroma.

We’ve chosen the best ingredients to ensure our beard oils stop the itchiness, in-grown hairs, rashes and other skin conditions. Our oils are designed to nourish the hair follicles and skin and add nutrients and  moisture to your growing beard hair. All this encourages your beard to grow thicker and stronger, quicker and healthier!

Ideal for shaving as one of the oils used in our beard oils is a perfect lubricant for cleaning up your neck and cheek line! It acts as a natural barrier between your skin and the blade and helps the blade glide, which protects your skin and hair follicles! Make sure not to apply too much pressure while shaving.

This specific blend of essential oils soothes razor burn and rashes, nicks and cuts when used as just a beard oil, but use also as a shaving product, it will prevent any future skin irritations!

We pride ourselves on using organic, natural and locally produced raw products when possible. It is important to note that ALL of our products are additive, chemical, alcohol, Sluphate and animal by-products free!


  • It’s best to apply after showering – warm water opens up your skin and hair pores which in turn allows for better absorption – then towel dry your face and beard
  • Apply 4 – 8 drops, depending on the thickness and length of your beard, onto the palm of your hand, rub hands together, and work your fingers and palms through your beard, from top to bottom, and from your throat upwards and through your moustache from root to tip….comb or brush through and style accordingly
  • If you have a medium-long moustache, don’t forget to apply our moustache wax to tame and style your mo!

  • Stand back, and admire your smooth, glossy and healthy beard and smoothly styled beard!


Grapeseed oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Orange essentail oil, Pine Needle essential oil & Eucalyptus essential oil.


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