Vanguard Synthetic Brush

Bluebeards Revenge

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Synthetic bristle shaving brush which is designed to improve the quality and enjoyment of your overall shave.


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A synthetic bristle shaving brush offering all the softness and water-retaining qualities of a badger brush.

The barbershop-quality Vanguard brush is ideal for those seeking a vegan-friendly option to facilitate their shave. It comes beautifully packed in a presentation box.

Bristle Diameter: 45mm
Bristle Length: 50mm
Overall Length: 100mm
Handle Diameter: 38mm


Supercharge your shave. Using a shaving brush improves the quality of your shave by creating a really great lather, ensuring that each of your hairs are coated with The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream. A brush also lifts the whiskers from the face, allowing for a much better cutting angle. This ensures that you enjoy a really close shave and helps avoid skin problems, ingrowing hairs and razor rash.


Synthetic Bristle


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