Biotin- Bio Tablets 100s

Sally-Ann Creed

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You might have heard of biotin, it’s an amazing B vitamin which can make a big difference.


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Biotin-Bio is known for its ability to boost the health of hair and nails, helps manage blood sugar levels, converts food to energy.

Benefits may include:
– Improved skin and nail health
– Assistance with hair loss
– Blood sugar level management
– Assistance with energy conversion
– Improved heart conditions
– Wound healing assistance
– Very important for the thyroid gland
– Prevents prickling sensation in hands/feet (paraesthesia)
– May eliminate skin inflammation & seborrheic dermatitis
– May prevent itching and flaking of the scalp
– Helps to prevent conjunctivitis
– Helps prevent anaemia


Always consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplements.



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