Ester- C 90 Capsules

Sally-Ann Creed

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Ester-C® is a tablet form of Vitamin C buffered with calcium and citrus flavonoids, to assist with absorption.


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Benefits may include:

  • Assists with iron absorption from food

  • Metabolizes fats and proteins

  • Natural antioxidant, protects the cell from free radical damage

  • Regulates immune system after physical stress

  • Assists with collagen formation for bones, cartilage, gums, skin, teeth, and blood vessels

  • Helps normalize the immune and nervous system

  • Reduces fatigue, contributes towards psychological health

  • Helps wounds to heal, assists in connective tissue formation

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Prevents onset of colds and viruses, or shortens length and severity of the illness


Always consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplements.



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